SGSearch - GTK file search utility

SGSearch screenshot


SGSearch is a frontend to the find and grep commands allowing respectively to search for file names or file content. It is meant to be a companion to file managers like Thunar (extension is provided) and works over GVFS.


Copyright Frank ENDRES 2010-04-03 - <> (disabled; use <>).

This software is governed by the CeCILL license under French law, compatible with the GPL (General Public License).


GUI interface

  • Select root lookup folder and enter file name (wildcards allowed) and some words (if searching for file content), then press search button.
  • Double-click on a file to open it with its default application, or right-click to get more options.

From the command line

SGSearch can be parameterized from the command line, allowing integration with Thunar or XFCE WhiskerMenu plugin for example.

  • Root lookup folder setup: sh sgsearch /path/to/lookup/folder

  • Search initialisation (auto-start): sh sgsearch [/path/to/lookup/folder] *name*parts* sgsearch [/path/to/lookup/folder] "/some content" sgsearch [/path/to/lookup/folder] *name*parts* "/some content"

My other projects

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